Welcome to Farmhouse Finance.  I would like to introduce ourselves and give a preview of what’s to come on this blog.

Who We Are

We are a husband and wife team in upstate New York.  Technically we are Millenials (ages 31 and 32, respectively), but we usually laugh (or cringe) when we say that because of the bad buzz that our generation gets.  We are teachers by trade, but are interested in diversifying our income and not relying solely on our far off pensions when we retire.

What’s Our Plan

We are in the early stages of building our dream house (that’s where the farmhouse part of our name comes from).  We have never been homeowners, and were not originally planning on building our first home, but came to this decision after realizing that we could get much more of what we want for the same cost (or less) of buying a house in this area.  Thanks for checking us out!

Illusion of Scarcity Worksheet (PDF)


Download this free worksheet and start paying yourself first.

  • Budget for financial obligations and recurring expenses
  • Prioritize your financial goals
  • Make all your transfers on payday
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