Summertime, and the Spending’s Easy

It’s amazing how fast the summer is flying by!  When we’re off from our teaching jobs, it’s easy to spend more than we typically would during the school year.  Basically, all I want to do is eat out, go to concerts, and sip fancy cocktails.  After a couple weeks of this we’re realizing that we really needed to rein it in, so we don’t blow all our vacation money.

What we're spending our money on this summer.

What We’re Spending Money On

This past month, we have spent money on the following:

Restaurants and bars – $425.41

Entertainment (concerts, movie tickets, etc.) – $214.81

Accommodations for upcoming trip – $541.00

This is a total of $1,181.22 that we would not budget for in a typical month.

How We’re Budgeting For The Extra Expenses

All of our extra summertime fun is being paid for from our vacation fund. Every month we put $300 into a dedicated savings account.  Whenever we have an extra fun expense (like lift tickets, or a concert that we want to go to), we take money out of our vacation fund.  That money is also used for traditional vacations, but since we didn’t have a big trip planned for this summer, we’re feeling free to spend a little bit more of it on other fun stuff.

We’ve also had a couple side hustles this summer.  Mr. Farmhouse Finance worked a few fireworks shows, and did some demo work for a few days on a house renovation.  I worked at a summer camp for a couple weeks, and did a house/pet sitting gig at the beginning of the summer.  We set aside half of what we made from these side hustles into our house fund, and are spending the other half on whatever we’d like.  I spent a lot of my side hustle income on my new bike.  

What We’re Saving Money On

These past couple summers, we have found that we are spending less money on food.  We can easily spend $200 on a week of groceries (including household items and pet supplies).  These past few weeks, we have spent significantly less.  This could be due to the fact that there are more dinners out and barbecues to attend in the summer, or that on 90 degree days we just don’t feel like cooking.  When Mr. Farmhouse Finance was out of town last week, I ate cereal for dinner on a few nights.

During this past month we only spent $541.33 on groceries.

Upcoming Summer Expenses

Even though we decided to rein in our summer spending, we do have a few things coming up that we will dip into our vacation fund again for.  We will take a couple family members out for birthday dinners, and will be celebrating our anniversary and my birthday next month, as well.

For our anniversary we booked an Airbnb (already paid for) by the beach for a couple days and will probably go out to a couple nice meals.

After I receive my check from working at a summer camp, I may use some of that money to buy clipless pedals and shoes for my bike.

Once we go back to work in September, we won’t be going out as much, and will start building our vacation fund again for our next big trip.

Does your spending increase in the summer?

What we're spending our money on this summer.

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  • I think we increased in June, but kept July spending in check a bit more. This month, we tried to get creative use up some old pantry items, which helped save a few bucks!

    Have a great anniversary trip! The beach Airbnb sounds lovely 🙂

    • Thank you! I am very much looking forward to getting away for a couple days. That’s a great idea to use up what you already have in your pantry. I forget about a lot of the stuff we have in our cabinets when we shop.

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