January Reading Report

I only finished one book in January (the second one I started will be included in the February Reading Report), but read countless articles and blog posts. I’ve included my thoughts on the book I read and a few noteworthy blog posts for you to check out in this January Reading Report.

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Mindful Money: Simple Practices for Reaching Your Financial Goals and Increasing Your Happiness Dividend by Jonathan K. DeYoe

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Mindful Money is a different kind of personal finance book.  As a financial planner and a Buddhist, the author, Jonathan K. DeYoe, lays out how to create a financial plan that aligns with your beliefs.  DeYoe dispels common money myths and addresses fears that many people have about investing.  He describes the eight pillars of happiness and teaches readers how to create a financial action plan that is in tune with your values.

Noteworthy Blog Posts

Not a Sacrifice If You Don’t Value It (And So What Anyway) – Life Zemplified

Amy from Life Zemplified wrote this great post about aligning your spending to your values.  As you work towards achieving your financial goals, sacrificing too many of the things you value can lead to discontent.

I am trying to spend my money more mindfully, so I really connected with this post.  Once you can identify the things you value, it’s easier to make decisions on what to spend money on and what things to cut.  It’s really not a sacrifice to cut things out of your budget that you don’t value.

How to Save 1x Your Income by Age 30 on an Average Income – Paychecks & Balances

Anytime someone tweets about how much you should have saved by a certain age, or how to save a million dollars by retirement, people are quick to respond with how impossible it is for them because of x, y, or z reason.  In this post, Marcus from Paychecks & Balances crunches the numbers to find out what it would take to save one million dollars on an average salary.  Guess what?  It’s possible.

150 Proven Ways to Save Money – PF Geeks

PF Geeks collected tips from personal finance bloggers and put together this list of the best ways to save money.  These tips are organized into categories (such as saving on transportation, education, or housing costs), which makes it easy to look for just what you need.  This list has the best advice from personal finance bloggers all in one place!

How a Non-Rich Person Started Investing, and Why You Should Start, Too – The Luxe Strategist

In this post, The Luxe Strategist shares the motivations behind why she started investing and makes a strong case for why you should start, as well.  She makes a number of great points about how important it is to start investing young and being in it for the long game.  In addition, she makes a strong case against keeping your money in savings.

You don’t have to be rich to start investing.  If you need more proof, check out The Luxe Strategist’s post and see how much her investments have grown over time.

What have you been reading?

Interested in what I read last month?  Check out the December Reading Report.

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